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  Motorists' rights... Matter!

Motorists’ Rights.. Matter! is a sponsored by a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring 'We the People' and the Rule of Law to our traffic courts. By doing so we will make our roads safer, too.

Motorists' Rights.. Matter, because they represent the Rule of Law, the core values of fairness that our Country was founded on. Our founders tried to preserve the Rule of Law when they drafted the U.S. Constitution, by placing 'We the People' superior to the nature of power and greed of those that wield it. A concept our current court overseers have forgotten, and we're here to remind or compel them to remember, and respect our heritage.

 Featured Safety

Keeps Everyone Safer... Infants, Toddlers, Adolescents, ‘Tweens, Teens and You!


DD850 Driver Fatigue Monitor


Remote Controlled Traffic Flagging Stations & Standoff Force Protection Checkpoints

  Best Highway Safety Practices Institute

The Best Highway Safety Practices Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing best highway safety practices.

Best Practice is defined by those practices that have been verified by field research and are peer reviewed before adoption.

According to the AAA over 5000 people die each year from unsafe practices by government agencies. The BHSPI has strong evidence that this number is more than 10,000 each year, and it’s getting worse, not better. Yes an incredulous 10,000 plus and we don’t act? Within a few miles of here in a few months we have lost more than 10 young people, with many more seriously injured, and nothing!!! Death after death being blamed on driver behavior whereas in fact they were totally preventable except for incredible public policies, when we have known better for decades. The poor parents are in shock and suffering from overwhelming grief looking for answers while the culprits, NHTSA and the politicians et al, maintain practices that will surely kill again, dozens of times every single day.

It’s time to focus our resources on safety rather than revenue and empire building opportunities. You can make that difference. Knowledge is power when applied and even one informed person can achieve dramatic positive results.

BHSPI organizational model is to become a Sierra Club type advocacy group that promotes best highway safety practices based on empirical research; including going to court to force cities and states to conduct the safety audits that they already claim they are performing to garner federal highway funds, compel them to take safety responsibility for roadway access management and hazards within the public right of ways, support roadway safety improvement demonstrations, and shut down speed traps and other for profit traffic enterprises. The BHSPI does have proven remedies that can reduce this unnecessary carnage. They need your help in time, resources or in donations to accomplish it! Get involved!!

  National Motorists Association

The National Motorists Association is an organization dedicated to representing and protecting the rights and interest of North American motorists.

This web site is both helpful and educational, covering a myriad of issues important to your freedoms and safety.

Safety can only be achieved when sound engineering practices are allowed to overrule unfounded political conjecture. The NMA needs your help and support in this endeavor!

Crash Test

Highly recommended! CRASHTEST.COM combines all of the crash–test information offered by the government and insurance industry groups, puts it on one chart, on one page. Site also contains helpful explanations and illustrations of the different procedures and crash tests.

Crashtest.com evaluates all the available data on each vehicle and assigns it 1 of 5 possible performance ratings in 13 different categories. An overall rating is arrived at using a weighted formula which uses data from 12 of the 13 categories.

Virtually every new and used car, truck, van, and sport utility vehicle (SUV) that can be found at your local dealer or in your paper’s classified section has been rated.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

CAUTION! The IIHS is an insurance industry public relations and lobbying organization that publishes politically motivated faux studies to support, and promote, its collective self–interest, not the people or the general welfare of the public.

Revelations from IIHS show that they may be a lead cause in the nations red–light running crisis and the associated high fatal accidents. They spearheaded a movement to shorten yellows causing more entries on red (collisions), this movement undermined sound engineering practices and benefited red light camera makers and the citation industry. More than 25 percent of this group’s sponsors income comes from citation surcharges. A report by congress showed that returning to sound engineering practices reduces accident rates and that these cameras are about money, not safety. Moreover, they are also a leading proponent of removing due process from automated traffic fine collection. Despite the areas where the automated tickets do not cause points, these enterprises alone have generated more than a billion dollars in premium surcharges for their clients.

Its position papers, studies, reports and compiling methods rarely conform to, or meet accepted scientific and traffic engineering research practices or pass peer review verifications. Too often, IIHS conclusions express a publicity driven political agenda that is not supported by fact (teen driving, red light cameras, speed, dui, etc.).

Its crash test are of interest but its criteria does not reflect real world conditions nor does it represent a true picture of the vehicle’s overall safety design features (active and passive) or the testing done by its manufacturer examining all possible crash scenarios and safety concerns or its corresponding real world occupant safety record.



A Free-of-Charge Public Service ÊHighwayRobbery.net is a discussion of red light cameras, including defects that aren't widely known and which may invalidate many tickets in Culver City, Costa Mesa, West Hollywood, East LA, El Cajon, El Monte, other California localities, and even some world-wide.

HighwayRobbery.Net needs your help. Public officials are playing Russian roulette with your lives with short yellows, for profit.

E-Mail US at info@bhspi.org.

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